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Just wanted to say many thanks for all your help with my son. The school did accept him and he is very happy and settled. It would not have been possible without your help for which I am truly grateful. I will definitely recommend my friends and family to you.

Mrs S K

Boarding & International

UK Boarding Preps and UK International Preps

There are a reasonable number of UK boarding prep schools, which offer accommodation for pupils at ages 7 or 8 onwards. Please note there are hardly any pre-prep boarding schools for children under the age of 7. Additionally, a number of so called prep boarding schools actually only offer weekly boarding from Monday to Friday or close the school for weekend exeats every 3 weeks, which means they are only suitable for parents who live nearby to those schools and can take their children home at weekends. There are hardly any prep boarding schools in London itself – so most full boarding preps are in the countryside.

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International parents often send their children to UK boarding schools to improve their English, in which case one needs to be sure that the school has a strong English learning support department. However, an “International School” is usually a school catering for the children of International Ex Pat parents working in the UK. Therefore they usually teach a multinational curriculum – often the International Baccalaureate. Since the single largest ex pat community is from the USA, many of the International Schools teach a USA oriented curriculum, with some adjustments to cater for many nationalities. Most International Schools are in London or the Home Counties. Very few have boarding. Most are co-ed. See our separate section for more information.

There is a huge difference in ethos and culture between one Boarding or International School and another. For example you would not typically send your child to an International School, if your aspiration was for your child to pass the Common Entrance Exam to get into a top senior academic school. They have a less pressured academic approach. So, tell us your aspirations and requirements and our bespoke placement service will guide you to the best fit of school for your child. Please call to speak to an adviser on +44 (0) 1732 368767 or complete our Enquiry Form.