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Just wanted to say many thanks for all your help with my son. The school did accept him and he is very happy and settled. It would not have been possible without your help for which I am truly grateful. I will definitely recommend my friends and family to you.

Mrs S K


National Standards and Higher

The majority of private prep schools in the UK follow the English National Curriculum, but children are generally as much as a year ahead of the state system.

Children study a broad range of subjects, including English, Maths and Science plus History, Geography, Religious Education, Art, Design and Technology and PE. In addition, private prep schools invariably offer French plus in some cases an additional language. Some schools offer non-European languages such as Mandarin or Japanese.

For schools which prepare children for 11+ transfer to senior school there will be a strong emphasis on Common Entrance preparation in Year 5 and 6. Also, at schools where pupils are targeting local grammar schools there will be intensive 11+ preparation.

Where the prep school takes children up to 12, the final two years will focus on the Common Entrance curriculum and they may offer additional subjects such as Latin and Greek.

Some schools do not follow the National Curriculum, but devise their own programmes of study. A number of schools also base their teaching on the US curriculum and there are a few schools teaching the curriculum of other countries or the IB Primary Years Program.

If your child is interested in learning a particular subject or has a special talent in Art, for example, we can help you find a school that can cater for this. Please call us on +44 (0) 1732 368767 or complete our Enquiry Form.