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Fantastic fantastic fantastic! He absolutely loves it there and he is so happy. We have received a wonderful report and he loves the new headmaster. He has made some gorgeous friends and so far he has seen absolutely no bullying!! He has thrown himself into school life and to be honest he has done more at X in two months then he ever did during the three years at Y! Thank you so much and if you ever have any parents interested I would be only too willing to talk to them.

Mrs S W

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Our bespoke independent school advisory service is carried by four very experienced consultants who have spent many years interviewing parents and pupils for admissions. We pride ourselves on giving you impartial advice aimed at ensuring that you find the school that is right for your child. We start with a free consultation of up to 30 minutes to discuss your requirements and outline the placement process. Following this we generally move on to our comprehensive placement service during which time we will make specific school recommendations and assist you will all aspects of the registration and admissions process. Most placements will require a consultancy fee.


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