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Fantastic fantastic fantastic! He absolutely loves it there and he is so happy. We have received a wonderful report and he loves the new headmaster. He has made some gorgeous friends and so far he has seen absolutely no bullying!! He has thrown himself into school life and to be honest he has done more at X in two months then he ever did during the three years at Y! Thank you so much and if you ever have any parents interested I would be only too willing to talk to them.

Mrs S W

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements, Deadlines and Waiting Lists

At younger ages (under 7 or 8) the admissions process generally consists of an interview with the headteacher or registrar for both the child and parents, plus sometimes an invitation for the child to have a half or full day “taster session” in normal classes. Ostensibly, the latter is for the parents and child to experience the school, but in reality school staff are observing how the child interacts with both teachers and other children.

Above age 7, entrance criteria vary considerably. Generally a school will want to see a report from the child’s previous school, as well as a reference from the Head Teacher. Admissions tests used to be confined to senior private schools but increasingly prep schools require children to take tests in English plus Maths and Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning. This is even more apparent in those prep schools whose target leaver destinations are the elite senior schools.

As mentioned earlier many London preps have become hugely selective and many have long waiting lists. Thus parents are wise to adopt a strategy of registering in advance for a selection of good preps, in case their child fails the admissions tests to the first choice school when the time comes.

Schools that are not academically selective but oversubscribed will operate different selection criteria ranging from giving preference to families living in proximity to the school to the date the child was registered. Some schools even operate a ballot system to handle the large number of applications. Many schools have a cut off registration deadline for September entry at 4+ or 7+, sometimes as much as two years in advance.

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