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We were very happy to have the choice between three strong schools, and believe we have chosen the best fit for Nicolas and Alexander. Thank you for all of your help – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Mr & Mrs F H

Leaver Destinations

A Pathway to Success

One of the things all preparatory schools will be judged on is their success in getting their pupils into the right senior schools. That is why we place so much emphasis on looking at leaver destinations when advising parents on choice of prep school. Whether you are aiming at a highly selective, academic senior school or just want to be certain that your child will have the best chance of getting a place at their first choice of school, you need to be reassured that the prep school will prepare your child for the transition to the next stage of their education.

Generally girls leave prep school at the end of Year 6 (11+) and boys at the end of Year 8 (13+), although sometimes boys move to another school at 11 and girls stay on at prep school until 13. If you are targeting a local state grammar school, then your child will leave at the end of Year 6, provided that they have successfully passed the 11+ examinations.

At some prep schools there is the expectation that most, if not all, pupils will go on to top independent senior schools and the last 2 years of prep school are spent specifically preparing children for Common Entrance and scholarship exams to these schools. Places at such prep schools are highly sought after and competitive. Other prep schools place more emphasis on ensuring that the child goes on to the “right” senior school, and the school will spend a great deal of time working with the parents to ensure that appropriate choices are made. Some children will not thrive in a senior school which is an academic hothouse.

Note that Education Advisers Ltd publishes comprehensive senior school league tables on both  and

When helping parents to choose the right preparatory school, we sometimes mutually agree a strategy of selecting a good “all through” school, but aim to prepare the child later for Common Entrance exams to gain admission to a different senior school. In this way, the child will hopefully be offered a place at the target elite senior school, but if they are not successful, they can usually still stay at their “all through” school.

Whilst most good prep schools will provide enormous support for the senior school application, some parents like the additional assistance of personal tutors to enhance their child’s performance in their weaker subjects. We use a variety of personal tutorial firms, which are greatly experienced in prepping children for senior school admissions tests.

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