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We were very happy to have the choice between three strong schools, and believe we have chosen the best fit for Nicolas and Alexander. Thank you for all of your help – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Mr & Mrs F H

London Prep Schools

Pathway to top London Senior Schools

London has the greatest concentration of prep schools by far in the UK. Some of these are attached to the great London senior schools, such as Colet Court, which prepares boys for entry to St Paul’s, others are part of bigger “all-through” schools such as Highgate. Entry to schools like these is highly competitive and children need to be registered well in advance to even be considered. Generally the most sought-after London preps are those which prepare children most successfully for Common Entrance and where the children go on to win places and scholarships at the top performing senior schools. Some preps send children to a wide range of senior schools whereas others have strong links with one or two schools for which they act as “feeder schools”.

Parents investing in a private prep school for their child will want to be reassured that the school they choose shares their goals and aspirations for their child, so we believe it is important to look at the leaver destinations, and these should be publicly available. We have compiled a list of those schools which prepare children most successfully for the top performing senior schools which can be viewed here.

But a good prep school must offer children much more than a passport into a particular senior school. Ultimately, what every parent wants is for their child to be happy and to be able to pursue an educational path that is right for them and will enable them to thrive and succeed. So there are many other factors to consider. In some cases, it is the range of senior schools that children go on to which is an important factor, as a wide range of destination schools suggests a diverse school population which for some parents is very important. A prep school should offer children a full range of sporting, cultural and artistic opportunities, as well as a stimulating and stretching academic environment.

For many London families, location will be a key consideration. A long and stressful journey to and from school is not ideal for a small child, or his or her parents! So you may be limited by what private prep schools are available in your local area, or even consider moving to be nearer the school you choose.

You will of course also need to decide if you would prefer your child to be in a single-sex or co-ed prep school, what sort of curriculum you want them to follow and if the school needs to offer any additional support for your child, whether this is extra English as a Second Language lessons or specialist dyslexic provision.

To discuss your priorities in more detail, please arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced education advisers, who will be pleased to talk through the options with you and explain how we can help you find the right school for your child. Please call +44(0) 1732 368767 or complete the Enquiry Form.