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Sports and Extra Curricular Opportunities

Prep schools have a much broader curriculum than state schools and will offer a huge range of activities. Extra-curricular opportunities will include music, art and drama as well as a wide range of sports and clubs.

Will my child play sport?

Yes. Most Prep schools outside central London have extensive sports facilities. All weather sports pitches, tennis courts and cricket greens are common place and many schools have their own swimming pools and climbing walls. The majority of Prep schools play against each other in competitive leagues and competitions that take place on a Wednesday afternoon. In most schools, lessons finish in time for an early lunch and then nearly all children will be involved in a sports fixture, either home or away, in the afternoon. Parents are encouraged to support the teams and schools provide a match tea for all competitors and supporters at the end. Fixtures are also played on Saturday afternoons.

Will all children be able to play in teams?

Many Prep schools have a ‘sport for all’ ethos and go to great lengths to ensure that every child has the opportunity to represent the school in sport. However, competitive sport is encouraged and gaining a place in the A team will require great commitment. Most schools offer the commonplace rugby and netball, others will offer something different, such as shooting, to appeal to those who are ‘less sporty’ in the traditional sense. Some schools have particular strengths in a specific sport, often led by a particularly talented coach: ask us if you are seeking a school with strengths in a specific sport.

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