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Entry to Top Prep Schools

All Prep schools have their own entrance requirements. Some schools require families to register a child from birth, other schools do not open registrations until one year in advance of their start date. Top Prep schools can be massively oversubscribed, and therefore decisions have to be made on which child to select. Some schools will take the first children registered, others use a ballot system and some schools base all decisions on an interview and taster session.  From age 7 upwards this normally takes the form of written exams in English and maths, and sometimes non-verbal reasoning. Children will also be interviewed, and in some cases attend a half day group session where they will be observed interacting with other children and adults.

Children that apply for 7+ entry to top Prep schools from the state school system often find that their levels in English and maths are comparably strong. However, children that make this move from Pre-Prep fare comparatively well in the interview and group work activities. Contact us if you would like assistance in preparing your child for an entrance test, or see our page on tutoring.

Children applying for entry at age 4 are likely to be invited into the school for a taster session where they will be free to explore the school setting. Schools are particularly interested in children who are able to maintain concentration on an activity for a period of time, to follow simple instuctions and interact with others. Contact us for further information on how best to prepare your child for their assessment day.

How are Prep Schools ranked?

League tables are common for Senior Schools where easy comparisons can be made between GCSE and A-Level or IB results, but this is less straight forward for Prep Schools as there is no standardised final exam. We find the best way of understanding the academic profile of a Prep School is by looking at how successful the school has been in preparing its students for entry to the country’s most selective Senior Schools. See our league tables on our sister site for more information.


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