Best Prep Schools
The best day or boarding Prep Schools in the UK

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Best Prep Schools

Our aim is to help parents choose the best private preparatory or pre-preparatory school for their child. Pre-prep schools generally cover from age 3 to 7 while prep schools cover from 7 up to age 11 or 13 depending on the departure age to a senior school. Preps and pre-preps are often combined to cater for 3 through to 13. The period under age 4 is often referred to as nursery or kindergarten or Reception. Throughout the rest of this website we will refer to all of these independent schools as prep schools for the purposes of simplicity.

This website covers schools within England, Wales and Scotland.

This website aims to cover all UK private prep schools and you can search for them using their school name, your target town or county with their address and basic details in case you prefer to contact the schools direct. However, a large number of parents prefer to use our bespoke placement service to identify targets, establish vacancies, arrange visits, help with admissions tests and then decide on the final choice. We take into account a large number of factors including teaching quality, class sizes, pastoral care, facilities, inspection reports, distance from home etc. However, we have a unique approach to school choice. We believe most parents commit to private education on the basis they want their children to progress to very good academic senior schools. Thus a significant part of our advisory process relies on identifying the chosen target senior schools and then ensuring the desired prep school offers the best chance of securing the senior school targetc

Our companion website contains the most accurate and comprehensive league tables of private schools.

Our bespoke school advice clients range from parents who have lived a lifetime in London to international ex pat workers who may be simply passing through for 3 years to parents wanting to transfer children from state schools. We also offer a specialist service for families whose aim is to get their children into elite Public Schools like Eton or Harrow or Wycombe Abbey. We cater for any family circumstances. Why not fill in an enquiry form or better still phone us on 01622 813870 to discuss your requirements. The initial consultation is free.

This site is operated by Education Advisers Limited, which specialises in advice to parents and students on choice of independent schools and colleges.

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